Troodon Incident

In early 2152 the PAN was brutally attacked by an unknown enemy.

7 large vessels entered the solar system and launched an attack against earth and its 4 colonies. Each colony (moon, mars, europa and titan) was attacked by 1 ship, earth by 3.


Each of the colonies’ main dome was breached by several landing craft and alien ground forces attacked mostly civilian populations. They herded together as many people as they could find, forced them on to their craft and left.

It is estimated that about 250 000 people were taken. The attack also made over 2 000 000 casualties.

Only a few of the attackers were captured, none alive, and a few of their weapons were procured as well. Early scientific research indicates that these aliens are reptilian in nature and most closely resemble the Troodon, a dinosaur once found on earth. Their weapons use a strange crystalline substance that contains nanobots able to crystallize other matter.


The official designation for the aliens has become Troodon.

The attack started on titan and lasted for only a few hours. The Peaceforce was caught completely off guard and offered no resistance. All Peaceforce ships were on patrol or maneuvers and did not make it back in time.

In the wake of the attack public outrage has been increasing. The PAN is accused of having had knowledge of alien life and of forsaking the population during the attack. At the very least the governement is being accused of not being prepared.

Troodon Incident

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