The Empire

The empire originated on the planet “Atis” several million years ago. It was established by the victors of the interplanetary wars following humanity’s second exodus.



Humanity first came in to existence about 65 million years ago on the 4th planet of our solar system, currently known as Mars. From there the species eventually ventured out in to space, searching for other viable planets and intelligent life. Earth, at that time, was undergoing some serious changes caused by the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event and was far from stable. Although humanity recognized the potential of the planet, it was passed over for immediate colonization. The planet now known as Atis was found during this period and a large scale colonization project was started.

Humanity’s drive to the stars mostly came from the knowledge that their own world, Mars, was dying. A subtle shift in the planet’s orbit and rotation caused it to dry up. In just a few centuries the planet would go from a fertile world to a dry desert.

During humanity’s “first exodus” all of Mars’ remaining inhabitants left the planet and ventured out towards the colonies.

Even though Earth was not meant to be colonized at this time, several small vessels were forced to land here due to mechanical problems. Originally these settlers confined their colony to a large volcanic island which they named “New Atis” They noticed the evolution of primates and engineered these primates to become better servants. When the island was destroyed by a natural disaster the survivors and their servants fled all across the planet. Thus earth’s history and the legend of atlantis began.

Despite all the preparation and technology, most colonies lost contact with the new homeworld Atis within a few years. It took humanity several centuries to regain its footing and venture back out among the stars. From Atis humanity sent out a second colonization wave known as humanity’s “second exodus”. These ships quickly came in to contact with the “lost” colonies from the first exodus. By that time most of those colonies had established their own systems of government and refused to answers to the lawmakers of Atis. Several interplanetary wars followed, with Atis as the main victor. At the end of the wars several influential military leaders seized control of the government and founded the Empire.


The inhabitants of the Empire are all human. No alien life had been found until 200 years ago.
Despite this, there is a large difference between the humans from Atis and those from other planets.

Because different populations evolved on different planets under much different circumstances, not all humans look the same. Some have better resistances to cold or heat, some can see in almost complete darkness, etc… The inhabitants of Atis have evolved the most. They have grown much taller (most are about 2m in length) and have large black eyes, slightly larger heads and white hair. Most inhabitants of Atis have also developed telepathic and other mental abilities. They see themselves as the pinnacle of human evolution and have taken to guiding and leading the other humans in the empire. They are the elite of the empire.


The empire is lead by an emperor. The title passes from parent to child and both men and women can take the throne. Should the emperor be unfit to rule the Chancellor takes over. The title of chancellor is also hereditary and should 3 generations of Chancellor rule instead of the emperor, the title of emperor passes to them.

Each planet in the empire has its own government but has to answer to a local ambassador. This ambassador is both a political and military leader and has a fleet under his command. The size of this fleet depends of the colony he oversees.

The emperor, or Chancellor, has several imperial fleet’s and legions under his command to quell any rebellion or unrest within the empire.

The emperor also has control of The Arc which answers only to the rightful emperor of Atis.


The Empire posses incredibly advanced technology, although their advancement has stagnated several million years ago. They possess the necessary technology to cure almost any known disease, can elongate life almost indefinitely and have achieved such feats as FTL and near limitless energy creation. Their need for new advancements faded and so did their drive to discover. Over the millennia this attitude has even lead to a loss of several key technologies simply because the level of education has dropped considerably. Also, most of these technologies are not available everywhere, only on the rich worlds near Atis can they be found.

The Empire

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