Although technology has evolved since the early years of the 21st century, humanity has not yet come as far as some sci fi writers had hoped.

Extremely advanced feats of technology such as teleportation, time-travel or dimensional travel remain impossible.


Although true sentient AI’s have not yet been invented, computers have increased dramatically in processing power and limited AI programs have been in circulation for some time. Almost every aspect of life has been computerized in some way and all computers are linked through a global wireless network. Each global network (of earth and the colonies) is connected to a central processing hub on the moon. Modern laser based data exchange has reduced the time delay to almost nothing. Most people carry around a PeCom (Personal Communicator) on their wrist which acts as an ID, an agenda, a mobile phone, a pc and a watch.

Space travel

Faster than light travel remains out of humanity’s reach, but the solar system has been explored and colonized. Colonies exist on Mars, the moon, Titan and Europa. These colonies consist of domes beneath which cities, towns, parcs and even lakes and rivers were created. Each building and dome is connected through a vast system of underground tunnels.

Artificial gravity, air scrubbers, Ion drives and nuclear fusion were all discovered the past 100 years and have made space travel relativly easy and safe. Commercial flights between the colonies are common place, as are commercial freighters.

The PAN’s fleet consists of 12 battlecruisersSpaceShip.jpg

Each of these 12 cruisers is named after one of the 12 signs of the zodiac.

Next to the battlecruisers the fleet has about 10 scout vesselsspaceship_background_by_oliverfox.jpg

Both the battlecruisers as the scout vessels carry several space fighters codenamed “Reapers”.spaceship_unfinished_by_PS_D.jpg


Although the possibility of laser based weapons was examined, the necessary powersource was never discovered. Bullet based firearms remain the most common weaponry. Capital laser weapons were included on the battlecruisers, powered by their own fusion reactor. Nuclear bombs remain humanities most powerful WMD.


Many diseases have been cured or can be treated. Most forms of cancer and diseases such as AIDS are well under control. New diseases and conditions have developed however and space travel has created a whole new kind of medical problems.


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