Rise of the Planetary Alliance of Nations

Throughout the first few years after the war, the UN model proved ill-equipped to govern over 10 billion people spread across an entire solar system.
Resistance groups kept forming on the colonies, trying to re-ignite the war, a new economic crisis was forming and even earth’s nations stopped supporting their own representatives in the UN parliament.

To bring peace and stability to the human race, the Lunar Accords were signed.
This treaty recognized the sovereignty of Mars, Titan and Europa and welcomed them as full members of the UN Parliament. In return the captured corporate assets remained in control of the UN. The moon became independant UN territory, governed only by the UN parliament. The moon would house the UN parliament, the UN fleet, ground forces and military academy (all included in the newly formed Peaceforce).

After 15 years of trial and error the Lunar Accords were finalized in 2133 in the formation of the Planetary Alliance of Nations (PAN).

The current year is 2152 and the PAN’s 20th anniversary is comming up. The last 20 years have been calm and prosperous. The PAN oversees earth and the colonies from the moon and the Peaceforce keeps the spacelanes free of pirates and smugglers.

Rise of the Planetary Alliance of Nations

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