Race to the stars

During the first decades of the 21st century the space race came to a halt. The ongoing economic crisis prevented governments from funding their expensive space programs. The many ambitious plans to build a lunar base and travel to mars were put on hold, indefinatly.

While the crisis wreaked havoc among most companies, several multinational corporations grew incredibly wealthy. This wealth brought with it as of yet unseen power as these companies became the only source of income for most of earth’s population.

Already in the first years of the 21st centruy private companies had begun research in to commercial space travel and by 2020 the technologies available to the private sector had outgrown the space progams of even the U.S., Russia and China.

In 2025 a conglomerate of several corporations launched their own space station and announced the creation of a lunar base. By 2050 all corporations had moved their executive seat to either the privatly owned space station “The Market” or to the Corporate Lunar Base. By doing this the corporations finally managed to escape the last of earth’s nations influence.

The following decades were marked with an incredible advancement in spacetravel, exploration and exploitation. Bases were built on Mars, Titan and Europa. These bases supported mines that provided earth with the natural resources to keep it’s economy going.

Race to the stars

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