Plasma cannon

Plasma canon special rules:

Range: Short scan

Damage: d12+d4

Hull-burn: the round after a target is hit by the plasma canon the damage is rolled again. Armor reduces this damage also. This second round of damage does not occur if the hull of the target was not damaged. Energy shields do not recieve the second round of damage.

Recharge: After being fired the plasma canon takes 3 turns to recharge. Also see “Overdrive”

Energy drain: While the plasma canon is recharging the ship is drained of much of it’s energy. It’s speed is reduced by 50% and any weapons that have a range of short or long scan do not function. Also see “Overdrive”

Overdrive: Because the ship is left vulnerable during the recharge time of the plasma canon, engineering may try to reroute more power to the canon to hurry along the recharge. This is very dangerous however as it may overload the canon and the reactor.

A tech skill roll of difficulty 15 + each previous roll has to be made for each round of recharge the engineer wants to reduce. If he fails the ship takes a d12 of wound damage (armor does apply).

Plasma cannon

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