Life on the colonies and earth

Life on earth continues as it has the past several hundred years. With the exception of the Colony Wars not many political upheavals have happened since the UN came in control of most of the nation’s governments. Modern technologies have eliminated much of the 21st century’s problems such as environmental issues, overpopulation and the energy crisis.

Although problems such as terrorism, nationalism, racism etc… still exist , they have decreased dramatically the past century.

Life on the colonies differs from colony to colony.

The Lunar colony is a wealthy and extremely advanced colony maintained by the PAN. The quality of life here is even greater than on earth. Most people here work for, or are somehow linked to the PAN.

The colony on Mars has developed in to an enormous city spread across several domes. The city is becoming overpopulated and the government is thinking about expanding the colony. The main industry on mars is the creation of spaceships. Several private fleetyards create over 90% of the commercially available spacecraft and take on military contracts on a regular basis.

The colony on Titan is the smallest of Earth’s colonies. It consists of only 2 domes. The largest dome is used for housing while the smallest dome contains the spaceport and the colony’s chemical factories. Ethane, Methane, Propane and Helium 3 are the colony’s main source of income.

The colony on Europa is the only colony without domes on the surface. The colony is dug out of the thick hard surface ice of the moon. Only the spaceport has been built on top the surface. The colony also has acces to the vast ocean of Europa beneath the icy crust. The colony is rapidly growing since the formation of the PAN and is expanding by building upside-down domes against the bottom of the surface ice. The “hanging gardens of Europa” are quickly becoming a tourist attraction.

Life on the colonies and earth

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