By 2100, the corporate bases on the moon, Mars, Titan and Europa had grown in to full colonies, each with over 200 million inhabitants. These colonies were ruled by corporate managers, but still had to follow directions and rules laid down by the UN on earth.

Faced with the growing corporate power and the expansion of their off world assets, the earth’s nations had come together for protection. The UN had in fact become the world government with an elected parliament and a president. Recognizing the colonial threat, the UN started to prepare for war by commissioning the creation of humanity’s first galactic battleships. In response the corporations formed their own security forces and allowed mercenary forces to be formed on their colonies.

On may 15 2112 a UN vessel opened fire on a smuggler from mars as he tried to enter earth’s atmosphere. The smuggler’s ship was destroyed and 4 people died. Outraged by these deaths mars declared it’s independance. Mere hours later the other colonies followed. The UN did not accept these declarations and declared war on the colonies.

Although the corporations and the colonies were wealthy, they had never waged a war and their security forces were no match for the military might of the UN fleet. The war lasted for 390 days. By it’s end the corporations were disbanded, their assets frozen their leaders tried and convicted for treason. The colonies came under UN control.


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