Fusion nuclear missiles

The fusion nuclear missiles need to be fired using one of the torpedo tubes. Because the tubes are not usually calibrated for nuclear payloads, this required a tech and mechanical skill roll of difficulty 11. Each roll takes 2 turns but may be performed at the same time by different people.

To determine the damage of the nuclear missiles a normal attack roll is made.
The difference between the attack and defense roll is determined. The damage is equal to a number of d12W equal to this difference.

For example: If the attack is made with a roll of 11 and the defense roll is 7, the missile does 4d12 W damage. No other damage is dealt and armor does apply as normal.

Area damage: a nuclear strike deals damage in a large area. Each ship within capital range of the original target is dealt damage equal to the original target – 1D12. Each ship within short scan range receives half of this damage. Only ships within long scan range or further receive no damage from the attack.

Fusion nuclear missiles

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