Advanced technology

Troodon dart gun

Single shot pistol – Range: 50 – Damage : 0 (see special) – ammo: 50

special: when firing a Troodon dart gun, calculate damage normally (hit – defense, half stun half wounds). The weapon itself does no additional damage. When hit the target must make a resistance roll with a difficulty of 7. If he fails this he incurs a 1 step penalty to all die rolls and must make another roll the next round. The penalties stack untill his agility die has dropped below a D4, at which point he is paralysed. One paralysed or once a resistance roll is made, the penalties go away at a rate of 1 each 5 minutes.


Nanobot enhancements

Nanobots can be used for various goals. The current sample of nanobots that have been encountered have mostly been medical in nature. These nanobots were designed to enter the human body and can be altered and reprogrammed.


To cultivate and reprogram the necessary nanobots a tech skill roll with a difficulty of 11 has to be made. To ensure that they perform the right actions once in the body a medicine skill roll with a difficulty ranging from 7 to 19 has to be made depending on the desired result.

Because these nanobots get filtered out of the human body the benefit bestowed by them is only temporary, a day at most.

list of possible enhancements

Portable rail-gun

Rifle, Rail – Range: 300 – Damage: D12 + D2 W – ammo: 5 – single shot
Armor penetration 1


After 5 shots the battery needs to be replaced, which takes 2 full rounds and a Tech skill roll of difficulty 11

Advanced technology

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