P.A.N. Intrepid

Experimental FTL cruiser


Agi d10, Str d8, Vit d6, Ale d10, Int d8, Wil d10; LP 14; Init 2d10;


Speed 6 (SL/JC)

Traits Destiny (d12)

Skills: Heavy Weapons d6, Mechanical Engineering
d4, Perception d6, Pilot d4


3x 2 linked light railguns; capital range; d6 damage

2x 2 linked medium railguns; Short scan range; d10 damage

1 Plasma cannon ; Short scan range; d10 damage; d12+d4 damage; see special

1 forward and 1 rear torpedo tube; Long scan range; d12+d8 damage

Fusion nuclear missiles

Armor: Wound 4, Stun 3


15-decks (257 rooms), 700,000 metric-tons, 344 meters long

Crew 150
Passengers 100



The Intrepid was built by order of Admiral Jonah Straton as part of the Fortress and scimitar weapon platforms.

Originally it would be a valuable part of the PAN’s defense, but early on it’s role was greatly diminished in favor of the Pale Horse Probes.

It was still Earth’s first vessel with an FTL engine, although it was never tested. The engine’s design was based upon the engines of 2 crashed alien vessels found In Roswell and on Mars.

The vessel was also outfitted with a new type of weapon-system, a plasma-canon.

After the Troodon Incident the Fortress and scimitar plans had to be hurried along so the Intrepid was outfitted with the scimitar weapon.

The ship was stolen by a group of renegade students of The Lunar Academy. They have taken the ship to The Empire and have become involved in the interstellar events that followed the Troodon Incident

P.A.N. Intrepid

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