Advanced P.A.N. deep space fighter


Agi d10, Str d8, Vit d8, Ale d8, Int d6, Wil d8; LP 16; Init d10+d8;

Scale Planetcraft

Speed 9 (6 in atmosphere)

Skills: Perception d6, Pilot d6


Medium Cannon; skirmish range; d10 damage

Light Plasma cannon; skirmish range; d12+d2 damage

4 space javelins; Skirmish range; d12 damage

2 sidewinder patriot arrows; short scan range; spacecraft scale, d8 damage

Armor: Wound 5, Stun 5

Advcanced systems: Defensive countermeasures (+ 2 to any defensive roll) 6 uses; Increased sensor suite (+2 to perception when using sensors)

Short range FTL: 10 LY before requiring recharge

Description 33 × 10 × 14 feet; Crew 1 Passengers 2



uncharted frontier Smiling_ST