Nick 'Shade' Vahlen

Stealth & reconnaissance


Real name: Nick Rodriguez
Relatives: Elizabeth Vahlen (adoptive)
Age: 24
Distinctive features:

  • horizontal scar: right cheek
  • vertical scar: right underlip
  • vertical scar: left cheek
    *Tattoo back symbol + 48 names

Stay out of sight and out of trouble, that was the first life lesson Nick learned after his parents were killed by pirates and they “took” him in as their indentured servant. The trade was simple his life for his loyalty. He and all the other children who “joined” the crew were forced to do the most dangerous and menial labor on the ship. The only reason Nick survived was because he quickly developed a talent for staying out of sight and failing that staying out of a pirates reach when they were pissed, drunk or both and needed someone to hit or worse.

Things got even worse however when Nick became 12 years old and the captain, a diehard former revolutionist, decided that it was time to rekindle the flames of freedom and strike down the oppression of the PANsy fuckers. His master plan was to turn all the children into suicide bombers by surgically implanting a bomb inside of them and dropping them in major metropolitan areas. However before he could put his plans into motion, the peaceforce managed to track him down after he attacked and captured a wealthy politician to fund his plans. It was when they started to board the pirates’ ship that Nick saw his chance, not for escape but for revenge for him and all 46 children that he failed to safe during all those years of living hell. He sneaked through the steaming maintenance shafts, barely avoiding passing out from the head until he found his prey, the rotten captain himself. The captain and his crew had managed to trap a squad of marines and while only he and a single marine were left, he still had the height advantage. With moves that were more instinct than anything else, Nick creped forward as the captain playfully taunted his quarry as he fired of round after round. With moves like lightning Nick grabbed the captain’s combat knife and trusted it with all the strength that his malnourished into the captain. Sadly it was not a lethal wound and enraged the captain overpowered Nick, took the knife back and slashed Nick’s face. The last thing Nick saw was the captain raising the knife and plunging it towards him before the marine fired the remainder of her magazine into the captain’s decrepit body.

Over the months that followed, Nick took on the difficult task of reintegrating into normal society. Though he had lost his entire family, Elizabeth Vahlen, the marine that saved him, adopted him out of a sense of gratitude for saving her life and became a Big Sister for him. After a couple of years they had become as close as they could to being a real family and Nick informed his sister off his plans to enroll. His reasoning was simple, the Peaceforce had given him a second lease on life and thus he would use it to repay them for what they had done. And on the day of his acceptence he got a tattoo on his back stating: “Remember the fallen and the fighting” followed by the names of his parents and 46 additional names, so that he while he escaped, they did not and he has to live for their sakes as well.

He put the skills he learned during those long years to good use and started training for stealth & reconnaissance. However he developed an additional skill that he did not know he had, namely a natural affinity as a marksman that results from his own experience of dodging attacks and thus knowing which way the body can and will move when dodging an attack.

Elizabeth ‘SWAT’ Vahlen
A former member of the Peaceforce, Elizabeth was forced to withdraw from active duty do to a combination of injuries sustained in the line of duty and her responsibilities in taking care of Nick and now works as a school teacher. Elizabeth never asked Nick to call her mom and instead became a supporting older sister for him. She and Nick are close proving that a blood connection is not needed to be a family.

Nick 'Shade' Vahlen

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