Matt Manson



Matt Manson is a promesing smart kid hou woed have gone tou harverd if his dads compeny haddent gon bust en wen he falld tou appier for the scollership test dou toe a acsedent and bye the time he got don giving a statmet the test was over. now the The Lunar Academy is hiz only hope for a goed agucasion and a futer dat dos not star end end at mcdonalds (and woed u lick fries with deat bigmac)

my best frend greg gorden a fervent conspiracy theorist hoe believs in alions and thed jfc was killd bij a second shoeter. wie have bijn in school toegader cins kindergarden till he went aff toe colige and i went aff toe The Lunar Academy,wen i told him i was gowing tou the academy he told me tou say hay tou the alience i told him is i ever see a alian it pay him a 1000[$ or newyen :)] and streek naket tru awer home town, now thy skipe from time toe time


Matt Manson

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