Danny 'Lego' Redgrave

officer in training


‘Death is light as a feather, duty is heavier then a mountain’


Danny comes from a family with a long history in the military. Just about every minor and major conflict since the war of the roses has seen a Redgrave on the battlefield.
So Danny was expected to go to the academy, and he was expected to graduate with the top of his class.

Orrigins of Lego
A few weeks into basic training at the Academy, a competition was held for all the cadets on the parade field (field day). Each cadet was assigned multiple events to compete in and the first event Lego participated in was the “wall climb”, a race where cadets run 10 or so yards, jump/climb over an eight foot wall, run 10 or so yards, and return back over the wall. While going over the wall on the return leg, Lego was either pushed, pulled, or simply demonstrated a momentary lapse in his otherwise outstanding athletic ability, and caught his foot on the brace holding up the wall and tumbled to the ground. Lego attempted to get up to finish the final 5 yard run to the finish line, however, something prevented him from standing up. The grass on the parade field was wet and he kept slipping as he attempted to stand. Feeling no pain – Lego looked around and located the problem. His left shoe had come off and was upside down right next to his right hip. As he picked it up, he noticed that something was not quite right – it was quite heavy… and under further investigation he traced the skin, blood, tendons, etc that were attached to the bottom of his left leg. He was now holding his foot in his hand in front of him. He had been unable to stand because his “nub” on the end of his leg was continually sliding on the wet grass. What followed was quite comical. Lego did at this point begin to scream in pain holding his now removed foot in his hand. The driver of the ambulance at the parade field became so excited he stalled the ambulance and was unable to get it started. They ended up having to send a second one from the Academy hospital. When the EMT’s arrived they attempted to brace Lego’s foot. They had to take it from him and somewhat prop it into the bottom of an inflatable brace… where the foot kept falling to the side causing insane pain. The best quote of the day though came when the Academy Superintendent came up from behind Lego while he was still lying on the ground holding his foot in his hand. The general put his hands on Lego’s shoulders and asked something to the effect of “What is the matter, Son”. Not knowing who was behind him, in intense pain, and shock, Lego replied, "What the F### do you think is wrong, I’m holding my G## D### foot in my hand. The general was not fazed nor insulted and said, “We’ll get you to the hospital here shortly, even if I have to drive you myself”. Lego recovered


Civilian contact
Danny is very fond of his childhood neighbor and at the time best friend, Asin Thottumkal. At that time she was the only child in his neighborhood in the same age category, so they hung out a lot together. They could have become more than friends, but Asin developed a conflicting view on society and an aversion of the military. They had a lot of discussions and got into fights over this; and they didn’t part on the best of terms. Danny took off for the Academy, and Asin went to study at a university intent on becoming a lawyer or even go into politics. Danny still thinks fondly of her, but they haven’t spoken since.

Danny 'Lego' Redgrave

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