Alexis 'Raptor' Palmer


Training to be fighter pilot.


Alexis was found as a baby in a hospital in Los Angeles, Earth. Whom her parents were or who left her there was never discovered, so she was put in foster care. Like with most foster children, Alexis had a difficult childhood, going from one foster home to the other. She was quickly labeled as a problem child with a bad temper, always getting into trouble. When she was 16, her foster dad caught her with a bottle of vodka in her room, which led to yet another shouting match between the two of them. The argument quickly became heated and when he tried to take away the bottle, push came to shove. He slapped Alexis on the face, making her fall to the ground. Alexis grabbed the first thing she could find, an empty bottle under her bed, got up and broke it over his head before stabbing the broken remains of the bottle in his neck.

The next two years she spent in Juvie hall, waiting to be transferred to a federal prison the day she turned 18. However it never got that far. She had regular talks with her parole officer, Jack Richmond, who had seen some of the potential in the young girl, and by the time she turned 18 the two had come to like each other very much, enjoying the weekly, and later, almost daily talks. So when Alexis was to be transferred to a federal prison, Jack Richmond pulled some strings and convinced the court to give Alexis another chance. Instead of going to prison, she would enlist in the military academy, where she could learn to control her anger and not let her potential go to waste.

During the tests it became quickly clear to the instructors that Alexis would be very suited for pilot training, even if she was a bit hot-headed. So the next 6 years she spent in the academy, going through basic training, officer school and then advanced pilot training. Being both coldly logical and very intuitive, she quickly became renowned for her dog-fighting skills, earning her the call-sign Raptor.

NPC: Jack Richmond, parole officer who convinced Alexis to join the military academy for pilot training, seeing potential in the girl, and so she would learn some discipline to keep her temper under control.

Alexis 'Raptor' Palmer

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