uncharted frontier

The unknown

Commander's log, Stardate 21520111

I’ve never been one to keep a diary or a personal log, but recent event, not the least being my promotion to second in command aboard the PAN SS Intrepid, call for a log of the events unfolding.

My name is Commander Alexis Palmer and this log will detail the events of our, possibly suicidal, mission to retrieve the people kidnapped from our homeworld. It will explain our actions and the reasons behind them, so that if these records are ever recovered, people might understand why we did what we did.

I will not bore you with the details of the alien attack on our solar system, you can look that up in the history pages. It might not tell the entire story, but I don’t have all the answers either, except that the military had been covering up, and that i could understand their reasoning. All of that has changed over the past days however.

With a small group of students we travelled to pluto to investigate an artificial signal recorded there by voyager 1 some 150 years ago. Once there we located a derilict alien ship. We managed to get it back in working condition and headed back to the lunar base to hand it over to our leaders. We were intercepted and debriefed as expected. Some days later a group of students led by ex-general Mordecai came on board under the guise of having been on a field trip. Some of them informed us of what the military were planning with us and wanted to get us off the ship. With limited options, most of us decided to take the chance. So we commandeered the experimental FTL scoutship made by earth and fled. For the second time in a week I found myself in command, not a place i relish to be, i’m a fighter pilot, not a commanding officer. But apparently I’m the only one in our little group capable of making hard and fast decisions, so there you have it.

We flew the ship to Neptune, where we were supoosed to be dropped off by the cruiser and waited to see who was supposed to pick us up. While there we retrieved Lego and the alien spaceship. And a good thing too. Another PAN military cruiser showed up, one called Titan, so not one of the official fleet, and destroyed the container we had been supposed to be in.
After they had departed me and Mordecai went to have a talk with Lego, as I’m a firm believer that he should be in charge of this mission, so together we convinced him to take command of the ship. As the military is no longer following orders from the PAN governement, Lego agreed. We’d not be breaking the rules as we’d still be working in the best of interests of the PAN. Whatever makes you sleep at night I guess. His first decision was to give rousing speech, one I hope had an impact. His second was to promote me to second in command, not something I was relishing, but i guess there was no other choice.

So then we headed off after the aliens, arriving in the next system where we found a huge spacestation commanded by some freebooter independant captain. Very Totuga like. Captain Lego made some good progress in finding information and even managed to get one of our people back. I knew it was a good choice to put him in charge, even if he thinks i’m the only one who is ready to follow his commands.

As far as our companions aboard the ship I have mixed feelings. Mordecai has taken a step back and is letting us do our jobs while just being there for the occassional advice. Freakshow seems to have a lot of trouble taking orders, how he has managed to stay in the military for so long is beyond me. He’s openly defied or questioned order twice in the space of a single day. I wouldn’t be surprised he ends up in the slammer.

Alexandra has turned over command of sickbay over to Dawn, a veterinary of all things, I wonder why really. Alexandra has shown herself to be competent, if a bit emotional.
Matt is also a new face. A scientist who seems to be good at what he does. Of all of them I probably like him best. Whiney, our other scientist, on the other hand is way too emotional, making rash decisions at every turn without thinkign about it. Like freakshow, he’s not really suitable military material in my opinion, but well, we’re in deep space so what choices do we have.



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