uncharted frontier


Lego's Log 4

A lot of thingshave happened the last few days.
First we received a message on a rarely used frequency. It was a time and a set of coordinates. We went to investigate and were greeted by Morr. He tried to take our ship, but I chose to make a run for it.

When we returned, some Maharak vessels and a few Earth cruisers were there. The Maharak were there to negotiate with the Empire. The PAN admiral was there to talk to us. He tried to convince me of his point and talk us into rejoining the fleet. I told him I understood his point. Up to the point where he opened fire on the container we were supposed to be in I would have agreed with him all the way. He had my complete loyalty. That changed when he opened fire. He lost my trust; and he’ll have to do a lot better then make empty promises before he can regain it.

And this time at the helm of our renegade ship has opened my eyes to the bigger picture. It has forced me to think of the consequences of the actions we take. I’ve been forced to think of the actions the others have taken, and now I can’t simply return to accepting the decisions of my superiors. Not when what they’ve done is in violation of their very oath. Doing that would make me a hypocrite.

At some point one has to decide and draw a line. I a gree that not everything is as black and white as the theory of our military code of conduct would have it be. But at some point the gray becomes so pitch black one cannot deny it anymore. And the admiral has crossed that line. It doesn’t matter how much I would LOVE to go back and rejoin our fleet (and I would love that; after all they’re still our people) at this point I no longer can.

It also became clear the admiral wanted the scimitar. He’s promised a superweapon for the Maharak to use to shorten the war. His plan: blow up the homeworld and both fleets in one move.
So I decided to warn them. I was invited to the talks, we explained his duplicity and his plan, and in one move kicked his feet from underneath him.

I also proposed to look for the regent’s son and propose an abdication of even better a marriage instead of going to war. They agreed to at least wait and see if they could find a trance of him.

By that time our probe had returned from Troodon space. And it came to us instead of the programmed coordinates. It was emiting a strange radiation. Our scientists and engineers went to investigate, and all hell broke loose when one of them disappeared. It took some time to destroy the probe, but we managed. And then the scientist returned. Apparently he’d been teleported or something by Troodons on the homeworld. They’re not the same Troodons as the ones that attacked us. They’ve been around a lot longer and have developed things I can’t even begin to understand; including immortality.

When a spacebattle erupted in our solar system they agreed to teleport our ship. Morr was attacking Earth with an entire fleet of pirates. We engaged his command vessel and the escort ship. We took massive damage, but we did it. Luckily the Troodons teleported us back before the rest could finish us off.



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